Technical Writing Training

US News and World Report ranks technical writing as one of the “Best Careers 2011.” People who undergo technical writing training will be able to write a DVR operator’s manual, an assembly manual for a coffee table, and a how-to guide for a smart phone, says US News. Technical writers are masters of breaking down complex information into layman’s terms. Many technical writers come from science, computer, law or engineering backgrounds. Technical writing training helps the science-minded get past industry rhetoric, connecting with the common man seeking common sense to understand something.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that technical writing positions will increase by at least 18 percent, adding 8,900 jobs by 2018. As the number of technological products increases, there will be a burgeoning demand for writers with technical writing training backgrounds. In 2009, the average salary for technical writers was $62,700, with the lowest writers making $37,000 and the highest writers making over $100,000.

Our technical writing training courses have been used by NASA, the Missile Defense Agency, and Fortune 500 companies. In two days, we present all the tools your business needs to create shorter summaries, more compelling tables, better formatting, and clearer instructions. Not only will we customize our examples to your company, but we’ll also provide six months of residual follow-up training to be sure all participants of our technical writing training course have indeed passed with flying colors.