Business Writing Training

There are countless errors uncovered during business writing training. Often employees look at us, bewildered by what might be wrong with a particular piece of business communication. We don’t just look at grammatical sentence structure, spelling and punctuation. We look at how the message is crafted and assembled to send a particular message. Here are some common errors:

1. Different information is mixed together in the same paragraph.

Remember the old rule, “One idea per paragraph?” This is especially true of business communication. You want to keep your paragraphs short, snappy and simple. You don’t want to muddle a bunch of directions into one jumbled mess. Our business writing training shows you several techniques to get around this.

2. The communication does not make use of helpful conventions.

Headings and bulleted lists are some of our favorite conventions to clean up drawn-out pages of text. Sometimes pictures, illustrations, tables or graphs can best summarize the information you’ve spent more than 100 words explaining. Refer to our business writing training manual each time you begin a piece to decide which conventions would work best for your situation.

3. The main message or call-to-action isn’t readily apparent until the end.

Why bury the whole point of your communications? This information needs to be at the beginning and also at the end. Your readers need to know what action is expected of them right away. Business writing training grooms employees on how to clearly and effectively sell your point and prompt immediate action.