Business Writing Training

Are you giving off the wrong impression to coworkers and clients? It’s our firm belief that business writing training can help every business writer, no matter where you are in your career.

One thing that’s hard to deny is that business writing etiquette has gone down the toilet over the years. Nothing shouts out unprofessionalism quite like seeing “lol” (short for “laugh out loud”) in a business email. Or how about this scenario: have you ever read an email that downright exhausted you with its inability to get to the point? We can’t even count how many corporate memos cost companies hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars in lost productivity from poorly worded instructions. We also come across business writers who are sending out direct mailers and want to learn the skillful art of captivation and persuasion. No matter what the case may be, business writing training will help you in all of these areas.

In our business writing training course, you’ll get two full classroom days, individual coaching, plus six months of residual training. You’ll learn persuasive strategies, tone techniques, secrets of sentence clarity, and methods of wiping-out wordiness. We’ve even got the scoop on effective templates that work (while saving time) and formatting that helps readers navigate your messages with ease. It’s time to become the best writer you can be, regardless of what others are doing, because business writing training is rapidly becoming the new standard.