Technical Writing Seminar – 2 days plus coaching

Technical writing can be a challenge, but it needn’t be complicated or comatose. Are you an engineer, technician, or other business professional who faces technical writing challenges? Our technical writing seminar helps you write documents for associates, decision makers, and customers that get your points across clearly—without compromising technical precision.

How will I benefit from this technical writing seminar?

You’ll learn how to:

  • Reduce technical writing time with effective prewriting
  • Grab your readers’ attention with helpful page and screen designs
  • Reach decision makers with shorter, sharper summaries and abstracts
  • Help readers understand your content with clear technical definitions and descriptions
  • Clarify key procedures using our six steps to better instructions and specifications
  • Simplify complex technical information using a powerful, active, concise style
  • Develop powerful Web content by making your technical material easy to navigate and use
  • Make your ideas memorable with compelling tables and illustrations

How do I schedule a
technical writing seminar?

Contact the Murawski Group
(800) 636-3060 or

What will I take away from the technical writing seminar?

Besides our best principles for focused, effective technical writing, you’ll take with you:

  • Our 80-page desk reference, eWriting
  • Before-after models for typical technical writing tasks
  • A six-month ticket to our Email Express™ follow-up services

To learn about class size and our customized approach to your classwork
and coaching, please read the overview.

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