“You have done a valiant job of helping the bureaucrats to write good English, and I want you to know I personally appreciate your efforts.”

President Ronald Reagan

“A letter by a staff member who took your class set a new record for efficiency.  The letter made it through all of the Census Bureau editorial reviews and was signed by the Director without a single change.”

David C., division chief, Bureau of The Census

“I wish I had this course years ago.  Your consultant took the pain out of getting up there.  Everything was useful.”

Judy L., frequent briefer, NASA Johnson Space Center

“This is a great example of taking technical information and making it accessible to the reader.  More importantly, the rewrite of this manual will help ensure a safer workplace for NASA employees.”

Vice President Al Gore on a consulting project of ours

“Writing That Works isn’t just feel-good training.  You give us practical tools we can use right away.  And they work.  I can tell who has taken your classes and who is still in the Dark Ages.”

Carmen Waschek, Writer-Editor, The Coca-Cola Company

“All executive staff members and department directors will have completed the ‘Writing That Works’ workshops and coaching by December.  The workshop has been rated excellent by 99% of the participants.”

Wilmer Cody, Superintendent, Montgomery County (MD) Public Schools

“[Technical] Writing That Works is getting results.  One striking statistic: 100% of participants surveyed months after taking it report that their writing has improved.”

The Shield, newsletter, Missile Defense Agency

“Although everything in life can be improved upon, it is hard to find anything wrong with this great course.  So get a new tie.”

John N., manager, NASA Johnson Space Center

“Best class ever.  Should have taken it years ago.  Changed my outlook on writing.”

Linda K., auditor, U.S. Army Audit Agency

“Your techniques have revolutionized memos, borrower letters, and loan reports at more than 50 of our Farm Credit organizations.  Your courses get top marks from Chief Financial Officers and CEOs across the system.”

Roger Shaffer, CEO, Farm Credit Council Services

“[Managing Staff Writing] earned the highest rating any workshop received during the nine years of Executive Development days.”

Alumni newsletter, Federal Executive Institute

“Wow! We don’t know how you do it, but you seem to get better with age! On behalf of this year’s class, thanks so much for welcoming them into the ‘church of clear writing.’ We know they will try hard to sin no more.

We thought you might be interested in some of the comments from the evaluations:

‘Your consultant was the best speaker we’ve had so far this year!’

‘I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to apply The Murawski Group’s presentation.’

‘Your consultant was very stimulating and informative. He kept your attention for the whole three hours and left you wanting more!’

‘I think your consultant was the best speaker to date–definitely my favorite. The information he gave us was so practical, and his presentation was downright entertaining.’

Those are great compliments considering the caliber of speakers who preceded you. We can’t thank you enough for taking time out of your busy schedule to be with us each year.”

David C. Kozak, Ph.D. Director, Leadership Erie

“Thank you for sending your consultant to our office to conduct the ‘Plain English Writing class.’  He was superb.

This class was mandated by our headquarters.  As with most mandated classes, there was some hesitance among the staff to sign up.  However, your consultant’s knowledge and personal style made the class enjoyable for all participants.  He was so popular and had such great reviews in the Pacific Region that I would like to invite him back to teach the same course to a new group of people.”

James R., regional director, Minerals Management Service

“Some unsolicited feedback on this course. I took it on Wednesday and it was terrific!

I’m a pretty hard sell–both on this issue specifically and training in general, but I was won over on both counts. The material was rock solid in terms of its appropriateness for what we do here and its applicability to our work.

It was also extremely well delivered, crammed with useable stuff and done in an interesting and memorable way. I didn’t get the name of the trainer, but he was superb.”

Paul W., senior manager, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

All the comments from one class at the Missile Defense Agency:

“Excellent facilitator. Prepared and knowledgeable.”

“Lot to think about: simplicity and connection to audience”

“This course helped me with my weaknesses: organizing and relaxing.”

“One on one was very useful”

“Super class. Wish it was longer.  Workbook will be helpful.”

“Make it mandatory for all presenters.”