Business Writing Workshop – 2 days plus coaching

As a business professional, your writing affects everything from your productivity and credibility to your career and bottom line. You’ll take fewer chances with any of them by attending our business writing workshop. Even if writing doesn’t come naturally to you, you’ll be applying our research-based techniques in no time. You (and your readers) will get more done.

How will I benefit from this business writing workshop?

You’ll learn how to:

  • Save time later by answering three key questions before you write
  • Get readers to agree with you by applying our persuasive strategies
  • Grab your readers fast with our T design for documents and paragraphs
  • Hold your readers’ attention by making your ideas easy to spot at a glance
  • Build rapport by using a winning tone and the best techniques of speaking
  • Boost understanding by connecting sentences and paragraphs in easy, essential ways
  • Keep readers from dozing by punching up your verbs—active voice and meaty
  • Sharpen your message by knowing how to find and fix wordiness
  • Avoid four common pitfalls we’ve seen in our decades of teaching

How do I schedule a
business writing workshop?

Contact the Murawski Group
(800) 636-3060 or

What will I take away from the business writing workshop?

Besides our best techniques for focused, effective business writing, you’ll take with you:

  • Our 80-page desk reference, eWriting
  • Before-after models for typical business writing tasks
  • A six-month ticket to our Email Express™ follow-up services

To learn about class size and our customized approach to your classwork and coaching, please read the overview.

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