Audit Writing Training

The internal audit report is some of the toughest writing out there. These reports need to be clear, concise, factual, and yet user-friendly. You need to present cause and effect, build in responsibility and accountability for set groups of individuals, and present solutions that others have missed. Most auditors are finance/business wizards, not formally trained writers. Most managers and supervisors are also not skilled writers first and foremost, so they may miss writing skill ineptitude at first glance. The only way to truly ensure your writing caliber is top-notch is to spend a little time on audit writing training – whether it’s your first course or an annual refresher.

Audit Writing

An audit writing training course will cover a wide range of report samples from numerous anonymous company authors. A team of professional audit report writers will analyze key facets of the reports and teach lessons on identifying and correcting ineffectual writing. Audit writing training workshops focus on nitty-gritty topics like grammar, punctuation, usage and formatting – if necessary. If your writing is fairly up to snuff, the lessons will focus on advanced level recommendations like identifying causes, writing winning executive summaries and the best ways to communicate test results so readers can understand. In the end, all writing is selling something. For audit writing training, class participants will learn how to sell actionable change.