Leading Soft-Drink Producer Still Thirsty for Technical Writing Seminars

Colorado Springs, CO — November 15, 2007 — The Murawski Group has capped two decades of technical writing seminars for a leading producer of soft drinks.

To develop and deliver thousands of products around the world, this Fortune 500 client needs clear correspondence, instructions, and reports. Much of its technical writing goes to laboratories and packaging plants where English is a second language. Mistakes by so visible a company can undermine the public’s confidence.

With so much at stake, the client first hired the Murawski Group in 1987 to tailor seminars for chemists and engineers at its headquarters. Since then, technical writing seminars have reached troubleshooters in Scotland, marketers in Russia, and bottlers in Nigeria.

Wherever they work, the Murawski Group’s four instructors tailor their technical writing seminars to the client. Illustrations and exercises come from whatever the 10-20 participants write, and every technical writing seminar ends with personal coaching on each participant’s own writing, which the instructor edits in advance. At the soft-drink company, some departments have required their staffs to take three technical writing training seminars in three years, the full one and two shorter follow-ups.

The many dozens of technical writing seminars have helped generations of company writers. “We’re starting our third decade with this top company because its leaders have seen results. The writing that bubbles up to them raises fewer unanswered questions, for example,” says Dr. Thomas Murawski, president of the Murawski Group. “And everyone gains from manuals that are worded efficiently and easy to navigate.”

Founded in 1985, the Murawski Group, Inc. is a boutique training and consulting company with a specialty in customized technical writing seminars. Clients include Fortune 500 companies, all 15 federal cabinet departments, and the White House.