MANAGING Staff Writing™   1/2 or 1 day, coaching optional

What should you look for in your staff’s writing? When should you change things? Just how can you educate your writers? This course offers important answers. Without them, you risk wasting valuable time rewriting, only to have problems persist.

How will I benefit from Managing Staff Writing™?

You’ll learn to:

  • Get more done by knowing how to spot strengths and weaknesses fast
  • Reduce grinding by conveying clear, achievable standards
  • Boost morale by distinguishing between what’s important and what isn’t
  • Promote success by answering our key questions when you assign writing tasks
  • Avoid frustration by understanding why writers shouldn’t try to sound like you
  • Win the war, not just some battles, by advancing from editing to reviewing
  • Help writers grow by following our system for giving useful feedback
  • See the family, play more golf by managing the paperwork process more efficiently

How do I schedule a seminar?

Contact the Murawski Group
(800) 636-3060 or

What will I take away from this seminar?

Besides our best techniques for reviewing staff writing well, you’ll take with you:

  • Our 80-page desk reference, eWriting
  • Advice to writers from senior managers, collected wisdom to help you guide more and rewrite less
  • Checklists to focus your thinking as you assign and review staff writing

To learn about class size and our customized approach to your classwork and coaching, please read the overview.