Business Writing Software

Alaska’s Department of Transportation liked the onsite courses we had conducted over the years for more than 300 engineers and project planners. But hundreds more staff in remote places couldn’t travel to our training. To improve their correspondence and reports, we developed and programmed custom business writing software, TransWrite: Writing That Works for Transportation Professionals™. Our approach with this business writing software:

  • Mirror classroom content. We reworked 80 illustrations and exercises used in our onsite courses for presentation on CD-ROM and the Internet.
  • Mirror classroom technique. We designed interfaces, animations, and electronic highlighting techniques that reflect how we teach in class.
  • Enable self-paced learning. For hands-on practice, exercises ask writers to edit or rewrite examples. A “show how” function acts like a classroom demonstration, letting users learn principles and see expert commentary on typical transportation writing.

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Calling TransWrite a “fine learning tool,” Alaska’s Director of Transportation praised its contribution to writing-skills training for employees at remote airstrip, maritime, and field-testing stations.