Presentation Skill Seminar – 2 days for 9

Some people seem to have a gift for making impressive business presentations. This presentation skill seminar is for the rest of us, those who aren’t naturals at designing and delivering office briefings.

Like participants from New York to California, you’ll learn the secrets of successful presentations and apply them in a supportive setting. Having taken our presentation skill seminar, the next time you present you will seem to have a gift for it.

How will I benefit from this presentation skill seminar?

You’ll learn how to design a presentation:

  • Use our sure system to analyze your purpose and audience
  • Organize so you start fast and stay focused
  • Persuade by choosing the best appeals and support
  • Clarify by knowing when and how to use PowerPoint

You’ll learn how to deliver a presentation:

  • Hold attention by using a clear, animated, conversational style
  • Win over the wavering by fielding tough questions confidently
  • Get rid of the jitters and, um, distracting tics

How do I schedule a
presentation skill seminar?

Contact the Murawski Group
(800) 636-3060 or

What will I take away from the presentation skill seminar?

Besides the knowledge that you are a powerful presenter, you’ll take
with you:

  • Our 16-page guide, Powerful Presentations
  • A videotape of yourself giving several presentations, guaranteed to show you getting better and better